Picture North is an award-winning boutique production and post-production company specializing in stunning visuals, breakthrough technology, and brilliant storytelling.
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The Picture North Way

Picture North is an award-winning boutique production and post-production company specializing in stunning visuals, breakthrough technology, and brilliant storytelling.
A one-of-a-kind organization, we transform creative ideas into a tangible reality. Whether it’s show-stopping imagery, razor-sharp editing, or transforming daunting timelines into walks in the park, Picture North is with you every step of the way.


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Martin Rodahl
Executive Producer
Neha Datt Schultz
Executive Producer & Head of Development
Ryan Patrick
Creative Executive Producer
Mac Hedges
Executive Producer
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Michael Nowicki
Head of Operations
Alex Friedman
Head of Production
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Stacey Nuzbach
Post-Production Supervisor
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Jim Moore
Head of Finance
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Lawrence Q Hu
Marketing Manager
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Trey Spiva
Assistant Editor
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Evan Hansen
Online Editor

Worldwide 24/7

A Global Solution

Picture North’s diverse international and multicultural profile originates with our Executive Producers and extends throughout the entire family. Holding passports from all over the world, our leadership team and talent roster include both first-generation immigrants and avid travelers.
With directors and editors spread across the world and production partners on every continent (except Antarctica), our staff is global as much as local. Faced with different time zones, languages, and wifi speeds, Picture North always has a high production value standard no matter where in the world we operate.

From Start

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Picture North puts directors, editors, and creative first. Always solution-oriented and always reel-minded, the company is in constant pursuit of great shots and even greater stories. Although the work we produce is diverse, our high standards for visual aesthetic is consistent.
Because our leadership team includes veteran Executive Producers who are also Directors, we approach projects with both an artistic and business mindset. Picture North’s capabilities extend beyond the confines of traditional production companies. We can strategize, concept, shoot, and edit your project from the ground up. Alongside our creative teams, our directors and editors will bring your project to fruition, preserving the vision from start to finish.
Additionally, Picture North owns a substantial amount of production equipment like camera packages and lenses. Thanks to this resource, we operate outside the restrictions of rental vendors. If a shoot could benefit from an additional camera package, for example, our gear is always at the ready.

To Finish

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Picture North is a soup-to-nuts kind of company. If invited, our directors play a very active role in the edit. Our post-production services cover all aspects of finishing, including offline and online editorial, visual effects, color and audio mix. We have multiple, large client-friendly edit suites for supervised sessions and can create pop-ups or four-walled suites on short notice.
With our remote post-production offerings, our clients can meet up with our team through live streams with no lag and optimized, synced audio and video signal.